and shall i couple hell?

haha like a poet or whatever.

the “point” of burpees is that they engage your whole musculature and combine cardio with resistance training. which is why they exhaust you so quickly. if you really hate them there are other exercises that have a similar effect, but all of them will be incredibly fatiguing. 

it’s very important not to shame yourself into giving up on an exercise. it’s okay to do 3 burpees at first, it’s okay to lift the babby weights, you need to listen to your body enough to avoid injury and over-exertion. there is literally no shame in accepting what your body is and is not capable of at any given moment in time. you have to accept that you’re not going to be as fit as you want to be tomorrow, or in a week, or even in a month probably. ya gotta ease into it and work on increasing your tolerance rather than going straight for the ~sick gains~

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